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Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)

Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)
Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)
Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)
Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)
Большой кондиционер / Large Arctic Air Conditioner (12V)
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Arctic Air Conditioner, The Real A/C
Why have an AC unit in your plane 12 months a year when you only use it 5 months a year? This air conditioner allows you to leave that extra 50 lbs. in your hangar and cost a fraction of the cost of permanently installed units.

This is a completely self contained, portable a/c unit with compressor and 134A refrigerant. Comes completely assembled and features a custom control module. Precisely control temperature, view amp draw, change brightness and more with this remotely mountable module. 
Perfect for multi-passenger aircraft and will fit in the luggage compartment of most planes. Installation is simple, but should be done by a qualified mechanic.

Unit should be installed by a qualified mechanic. The installation of the wiring harness is often considered a minor alteration. Your plane needs to be equipped with an alternator that can handle an additional 40-45 amps at initial start-up. The amp draw will level off at around 25-28 amps once the cabin has cooled off. Estimated cost for simple installation of the connector plug, additional positive and negative #6 wire, 60 amp breaker and labor (not including a new alternator) is about $500. 

Exhaust Air Removal
It is critical that the exhaust air be removed from the aircraft in order for the unit to operate effectively. We suggest the exhaust air be routed through the rear cabin bulkhead and released into the rear fuselage via a flexible hose (provided) that will be attached to the exhaust outlets(s) on the back of the unit. We will provide the same type plate that covers the exhaust outlet(s) on the unit to attach to the opening on the rear cabin bulkhead. At that point, this released exhaust air should escape the aircraft through small openings that already exist in the rear fuselage of any non-pressurized aircraft. If your aircraft has batteries or electronic gear in the rear fuselage, you may want to run this flexible exhaust air duct all the way to the tail section for disposal of the exhaust air. We have found that the cabin air vents need to be open to replace the air the unit is removing from the cabin. This will also create a venting effect that will aid in the free flow of the exhaust air out of the aircraft, but will have very little effect on the cool air the unit is releasing back into the cabin.

Condensation Removal
Arctic Air provides a condensation dispersal hose on the unit. This method allows the customer to provide the type and size of condensation collection reservoir of their choosing. By placing the reservoir on the outside of the unit, the amount of condensation can be monitored. When the aircraft is parked, the reservoir can be manually removed and the condensation can be emptied outside of the aircraft. 

Another option would be to route the condensation dispersal hose thru a small drain hole placed in the bottom of the aircraft. This will allow the condensation to be removed continuously during flight.

Allow one week for shipping. Large weighs 55 lbs. and measures 20"w x 19"h x 13"d..

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